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Inside Ceausescu's Romania: An Unquestionably Efficient Police State  (The View East)

Romania Securitate Legacy 20 Years After Revolution  (BBC, 12/30/09)

Securitate in All But Name  (Sight and Sense, 8/31/09)

Inside the Securitate Files  (Wilson Center, 5/4/05)

Donia Cornea Finds Her Securitate Files  (, 10/8/02)

Caligula and Ceausescu  (History House)

Release of Securitate Files Plagues Romanian Parliament  (CER, 4/15/00)

The Legacy of Elena Ceausescu  (CER, July 1999)

Ceausescu's "Master Race" and Gypsy "Robot Workforce"

Ceausescu Ordered Securitate to Hire Carlos "the Jackal" to Assassinate Enemies  (RADOR, Nov. 11, 1998)

Ceausescu's Orphans  (TIME International, June 24, 1996)

Romania's "New" Security Services are Still Watching  (FAS, 1995)

Securitate Represses Hungarians  (1995)

Transcript of the Trail of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu  (Dec. 25, 1989)

National Salvation Front: A Securitate Front?  (August 1995 lecture)

Ceausescu Bunker: Hub of Dreaded Securitate  (Los Angeles Times, December 30, 1989)


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