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As reported by Ana-Maria:


( The youngest son of the former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu did not die in Vienna in 1996. He lives at the moment in Vienna, Austria.

Nicu Ceausescu had officially more than a dozen doubles. None of the doubles looked like the real Nicu Ceausescu.

I was born in Romania and lived there for about 30 years. My father worked in the army and was the director of the Romanian Military Prosecutors until 1985. I have information from colleagues of his who worked for the Securitate and visited my family frequently at the time. I have lived since 1987 in Vienna, Austria.

I have seen some of the doubles and I have seen the real person in 1986. At that point I realized: the real Nicu Ceausescu had never appeared in public. I saw the real Nicu Ceausescu in 1986 on the street in Bucharest; he was together with a very beautiful Romanian opera singer, Daniela Vladescu, his friend at that time. He stopped for a while as he realized I saw him, looked at me, then went on. I can remember every detail of his face. His doubles had almost nothing in common with him. Anyone could have thought, he was a bad copy. Anyone should have believe that.

Everybody knew about the Ceausescu family having doubles; that was part of the strategy, according to a Securitate-General: people should know there were lots of doubles running around. They should also know, there were lots of bad copies so that nobody at all could say, what the real Nicu Ceausescu really looked like.

Except: none of his doubles was ever allowed to accompany Ms. Vladescu.

Ms. Vladescu is one of the very few persons who could identify him. I guess, she would never do that. According to her police declaration after the arrest of Nicu Ceausescu, she was not allowed to visit Nicu Ceausescu in Sibiu beginning with 1987. He would visit her in Bucharest. And why? Because the real Nicu Ceausescu was not in Romania anymore after 1987. At that time he was already in Austria.

The photos showing Nicu Ceausescu's arrest and imprisonment in 1989 show a double. The ones showing Nicu Ceausescu in Vienna on September 26, 1996, a short time before he died, also [show a double].

Please consider these pictures:

Wikipedia once showed Nicu Ceausescu before his last days in Vienna, Austria (right).

Another photo was published by APA and shows Nicu Ceausescu in the Viennese hospital (below), a couple of days before he died. How come he looks so much better on the picture shot in the Viennese hospital?




On December 31, 1989, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung published pictures of the Ceausescu family on page 6 (below).

One of them shows the real Nicu Ceausescu together with his mother. This photo was retired by the owner (Viennareport, 1060 Vienna) immediately after having been published and had to be returned to a French agency. I offered any sum of money for that picture, but it was impossible to get it.


Nicu Ceausescu lives at the moment under false identity in Vienna, Austria.

The most striking question for me is: how come that Mr. Mihai Pacepa (former Securitate-General who defected to the USA in the 1970s) did not report about that, at the time when Nicu Ceausescu "died" in Vienna? Or sometime sooner?

And also: who helped Nicu Ceausescu get the false identity in Austria?


Ana-Maria adds that Wikipedia misreports Nicu's official death date as September 25, when it's September 26. September 25 is Ana-Maria's birthday.



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