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Cyberspy Tools


2600  The hacker quarterly.
Anonymizer  Surf in anonymity; compare to SafeWeb (below).
Bugmenot  Bypass compulsory website registration.
Card Cops  Has you credit card number been stolen?  Check here!
Center for Democracy & Technology  Fighting Big Brother.
Computer Privacy Info  Andre Bacard's site; thanks G. Gordon Liddy.
Counter Exploitation  Anonymous e-mail and other web tools.
Electronic Frontier Foundation  Fights & monitors tech censorship.
Hush Mail  E-mail encryption.
Identity Theft  Prevention and survival.
Invisi Blog  "Anonymous weblog publishing."
Invisible Keylogger  Software to monitor keystrokes.
Key Ghost  Hardware to monitor keystrokes; invisible to spy software detectors.
Key Logging Software  Monitor PC activity.
KGB Internet privacy tools & news.
Language Translator
Peace Fire  "How to disable blocking software."
Public Data  US govt records (criminal DMV, etc); servers in Jamaica beyond US privacy laws.
Sharpmail  Anonymous e-mail.
Spam Abuse  Anti-spam info & software.
Spy Cop  Spy software: bug enemy computers -- and debug your own!


Spy Gadgets


Advanced Intelligence Spy Shop  Tiny wireless low-power minicams.
International Intelligence
OzSpy Spy Shop
Spy Chest
Spy Equipment Buying Guide
Spy Exchange & Security Center
Spy vs. Spy  "Canada's Number One Spy Shop."
Spy World
Spyman Shop, UK
Spyzone  "Security Intelligence Technologies."


Training Manuals


Loompanics Unlimited  Survivalist books, conspiracies, more.

Intelligence Resources


Africa Intelligence
Antiwar Wars and rumors of war.
Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies  Training seminars.
Clandestine Radio  Monitoring clandestine stations around the world.
Counterpunch  CIA drug trafficking and other occasional intel news.
Criminal Watchdog  Background checks for landlords & employers.
Cryptome  If The X-Files' Lone Gunmen had a site ...
Debka Israeli intelligence & politics site.
Echelon Watch  Watching the NSA watching you.
Encyclopedia of Espionage
Eye Spy  British intelligence magazine.
Forgotten History  About US foreign policy.
Global Security  Military intelligence reports, worldwide.
InfoWarrior  Techno-spy, security, counterterrorism, hacking, news.
Intelligence Online  International political & business intelligence.
Intelligence Resource Program  FAS's academic studies on intelligence.
International Spy Museum  In Washington D.C.
Jane's Intelligence  Specs on every aircraft and ship since late 1800s.
Kim-Spy  Extensive intelligence links.
Laird Wilcox  Research on US extremist groups; University of Kansas.
Loyola University  Academic studies on intelligence.
Melissa Data  Find an address; learn neighborhood stats.

Public Information Research  Domestic intelligence watchdog. FOIA.
Privacy Digest  Laws, spyware, and how to protect yourself.
Security Focus  Techno-spy & cyber-hacker intelligence news site.
School of Americas Watch  Anti-SOA, reprints SOA manuals online.
Soldier of Fortune  Conservative, military & intelligence news.
Strategy Page  Military intelligence.
Stratfor Center-right, political & business intelligence.
US Investigations Services  Background checks for the govt.
What Really Happened  Conspiracies; currently 9-11 CIA/Mossad emphasis.
Wilderness Publications  Investigative reporting on intelligence services.


Intelligence Agencies


Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Central Intelligence Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Security Service  Russia's FSB.  Formerly the KGB.
Freedom of Information Act/FBI  Declassified FBI files.
MI5  Britain's internal counterintelligence service.
National Counterintelligence Executive
National Drug Intelligence Center
National Security Agency
National Transportation Safety Board
Shalyer Mirror  Mirror of MI5 Officer David Shayler's censored website.


Ceausescu & Eastern Europe


Baltic News
Budapest Sun
Central European Review
Prague Post
Timisora  Much info on Rumania's 1989 Revolution.


Russia & Communism


Alexander Palace  Russian history website.
Chairman Smiles, The  Socialist realist posters; Soviet, Chinese, Cuban.
Cold War Museum  Its history and its spies.
Cold War Veterans Association
Empire That Was Russia  Photos from tsarist Russia; for Dr. Zhivago fans.
International Historic Films  Cold War propaganda films & music, from both sides.
KGB Badges
Moscow Times  English edition.
Museum of Communism
People's Daily  From Beijing.  English edition.
Pravda  English edition.
Russian Revolution Posters  Early Bolshevik agitprop.
Schwarz Report  Compiled by the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.
St. Petersburg Times  English language edition.
Stasi Photos from their Berlin headquarters.
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation




Barbara Bach The most beautiful Bond girl of them all.
Bonsai's James Bond Collectibles
Covert Comic  A comic who claims to be a spy.
Covert Ops  A fantasy "spy camp" for wannabe James Bonds.
FBI Most Wanted  FBI files for celebrities, UFOs, infamous criminals.
Her Majesty's Secret Service  "The Essential James Bond."
Hollywood Investigator  "Always Shocking ... Because It's True."
Ian  James Bond news & info.
James Bond Declassified
James Bond Multimedia
Libertarian Peacenik  What it sounds like.
Universal Exports  James Bond news.
Weekly Universe  "A Quantum Report of Transdimensional News & Analysis."


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